The Air Test Plates are used with the Air Test Bench to check the clutch and piston apply while rebuilding an automatic transmission. These plates simulate the operation of the valve body and are connected to the Air Test Bench thanks to a series of small pipes.

The main advantage for the technician who uses these plates and the Air Test Bench is that he can save money and time during the rebuilding process. In fact, the opportunity to test the clutch and piston operation is very useful to the technician because he can check that everything is working before the reassembly of the transmission. The high quality aluminium plates are directly produced and created in a specific area of the warehouse and have been developed and improved thanks to the lasting experience of our lathe turners and millers. The high quality and the precision of these plates are the pride of our company.

The dimensions and shapes of these plates depend on the automatic transmission model the technician is rebuilding. Together with the plate, the customer will receive the specifications required to carry out the tests. The specific hub provided with the plate, used together with the torque-wrench at 165 Nm, allows the technician to simulate the torque converter operation and to check the correct gear apply in the transmission.

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